Kapital Guide

Spar penge – pitch investorer selv

You have a good idea for a start-up and now you are lacking debt. There are companies that offer to help you find the right investors, but you can also pitch them yourself. There are several tips and tricks that you can use to find debt capital and thus save money at the same time.

Check out other forms of debt

There are several different types of debt. Most businesses, large and small, often take out a loan from a bank or other loan provider. You need to invest in your project in order to grow bigger and better.

For example, you can choose an option with Borrow money cheaply to build your project, so you can present a better idea to potential investors. See them as an investment in your project to be able to raise even more debt from the larger sharks in the ocean.

Check investor network

In Denmark, you can become part of an investor network, where you almost get direct access to private investors who invest in start-ups.

Here you can save time, and thus also money. As an entrepreneur, your time is worth money, and when you save time, you get more hours on your hands to optimize your project.

Thanks to investor networks, you can quickly find potential investors so you can pitch them all by yourself.

How to pitch an investor

Of course, it is important to be well prepared when pitching your idea to an investor. This is especially true if you are part of the same network, as you can quickly burn countless bridges if you get a reputation for being sloppy.

Prepare yourself as you would if you were to side by the hot table in the Lion’s Cave. Be ready to pitch your idea in a matter of minutes as you pique the interest of the potential investor.

This applies both when you send an email to potential investors, as well as when you sit across from him or her. In both situations, it is essential to be aware that coveted investors do not have the time (or desire) to waste their time. Therefore, you need to be skilled and quick to get them on the hook.